Imran terms long march historic event

ISLAMABAD, Jun 13 (APP): Tehrik-e-Insaf Cheif Imran khan on Friday said that Long March was an historic day as hundreds of thousand people have gathered for the independence of judiciary and reinstatement of deposed judges. 

Addressing his party’s workers at Zero Point, he said that  the nation had  unanimously decided that it wanted to see pre-November judiciary.

“Nation is free when judiciary is free”, that is why entire nation had responded to the call of lawyers’ movement, he added.

He was leading his party’ convoy from Karachi Company to Parade Ground, where participants of Long March will stage sit-in.

Party workers from all the four provinces were present on the occasion. 

Imran Khan said that future of country was related to free judiciary and it was encouraging that people had realized role  of independent judiciary in national progress.