Judges and The Peoples Party Government—>Tamjid Aijazi

It has been more than a month now and there seems to be no progress on the restoration of judiciary from the newly elected PPP Government. The impression that people are getting from the actions of Asif Ali Zardari is that PPP government is not serious in restoring Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chahudry.

Reasons are of course obvious. Asif Ali Zardari is considered to be one of the most corrupt personalities in Pakistan and the benefits he is availing from the NRO might be at stake. Restoration of judiciary on November 2nd position will obviously result in probe for the illegal actions of President Musharraf, including the NRO.

So, once again, we see personal vested interest in the path of our national interest. During this time, the role of political parties and personalities is becoming evident. Nawaz Sharif is indeed commendable for taking a stand for judiciary and motivating the people for the real interest of Pakistan.