Wait for another stock exchange crisis

Wait for another stock exchange crisis:
We know arif habib and his affiliation with American pet dictator mush and shortcut aziz.
Read the story below on stock exchange issue
now if we look at the news in jang which says musharraf has contacted his trusted friends to raise
the issue of flour prices and electricity and in that he also has contacted his stock exchange friends to
play their game in KSE because kse crash will surely put the government under pressure and all this is to
deviate the focus of the people from the judicial issue(the even tried cricket with nasim ashraf and shoaib akhtar drama)
now arif habib has entered the Colombo stock market which will make it easy for them to outflow money from the KSE to Colombo and thus a great chance for them to play with the market
we also know what arif habib and company attempted to do with steel mills in Karachi
the case later became one of the reasons behind the CJP iftikhar issue.

and don’t forget mr arif habib’s role in stock exchange crisis during mush-shaukat tenure.