March for Justice and Freedom

The nation has been fighting for more than a year for the noble cause of restoration of judiciary, for the cause of justice and rule of law.

The movement which started with a ‘NO’ to the dictator by the honorable CJ of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhary has now seems to be in the crucial stages and I also hope that it’s in the final stages to the path of success.

Though the nation was fighting for the cause, giving lives and facing the brutality of government institutions some of our ‘leaders’ were busy in making deals outside the country, making decisions regarding the future of our country, taking dictations from imperialist powers on how to run the country and who should run the affairs of the state.

The movement would have achieved its goal immediately after the 18 Feb elections but it didn’t because the lust of power and greed of our elected representatives who on the foreign dictation are delaying the issue, it seems they don’t care what the people of Pakistan want, what is the need of time for the nation, where we have to take our future as a nation, what are our national objectives, how to safeguard the national integrity and honor, how to improve the lives of our people, how to get rid of the dictatorship and above all how to give confidence to the nation by respecting there mandate to restore the independent judiciary of 2nd November 2007 BUT they are busy in getting assurances from the Americans for the protection of their status as ‘rulers of Pakistan’(or in-fact loyal servants of the USA).

When ever there is a chance of restoration of judiciary we see Americans arriving in Islamabad to meet our so called democratic leadership and then we see hypocritical statements by Mr. Zardari

such as:”We want to change the system it’s not just about the restoration of few judges” or ”Murree declaration was just a political statement “…

Now he has said,”We are ready to face the lawyers’ movement”.

The reason why our American ‘masters’ don’t want their slaves to have an independent judiciary is that they  want to protect their best asset in the country (the dictator who served them more than he served his nation) and cannot afford to lose him before 2008 presidential elections in USA because if CJP Iftikhar gets restored then it means a farewell to Musharraf and his anti-Pakistan policies and it will be serious set back for the Republican party in the elections who are banking on Musharraf to give them a breakthrough in our mountains and so they again will be able to use the same old fake war against terrorism in their elections.

Americans are very clever they always have a backup plan and that plan is now evident in the shape of PPP lead by Zardari and well assisted by people like Rehman Malik,Hussain Haqqani and the same old Mehmood Ali Durrani (former Pakistani ambassador and currently working as national security advisor to the PM) under the influence of NRO and under the umbrella of Dogar Lead judiciary .

Now we have to be really alert in this situation we not only have to protect our judiciary but also to safeguard our freedom, we have to cry out loud that we reject any foreign interference in our national affairs, we don’t accept any involvement of USA in our judicial issue, we are a nuclear power and a free country we know how to take it on the path of success.

I appeal to the whole nation to think as sincere Pakistanis and join the long from Multan to Islamabad for the cause of Justice and Freedom.




28th May, Yaum-E-Takbeer–>Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan we salute you.

a true national hero of Pakistan (A true National hero)


On 28th May 1998 Pakistan announced its entry in the nuclear club when it conducted 6 Nuclear tests in response to the nuclear tests of India on 11 and 13 May 1998 in Pokhran.

On this day we must not forget the heroes who made it possible for us especially the scientists under Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

No matter what the imperialist powers think of you and what treatment the dictator and his men give you , the nation is with you as you are our true national hero.

We salute you Dr. Khan!

We salute our scientists who made it possible for us, who made it possible to make us feel proud on being powerful enough to safeguard our integrity and honor (but unfortunately the dictator has not taken care of that honor).




Musharraf should not be allowed safe exit: ex-generals(The News)

ISLAMABAD: As many as 26 senior retired Army officers, some of them teachers of General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, boldly demanded on Saturday that a safe exit to Musharraf must not be provided.

At a news conference, they said Musharraf should be held accountable for the Kargil debacle and the coup against the Constitution of Pakistan on October 12, 1999. The ex-Army officers also demanded that former prime minister Shaukat Aziz should be brought back to Pakistan to face an inquiry into the massive financial scams of wheat, cement, steel mill, stock exchange, writing off billions of rupee loans and many more.

Shaukat should also be held responsible for the worsening economic situation of the country, they said. After long deliberations, the retired Army officers demanded of the government to order an independent inquiry to fix the responsibility of Musharraf’s actions during the last eight years. They asked President Musharraf to immediately resign as the president and quit the Army House as now he was the single source of all the problems and palace intrigues, which were weakening and destabilising Pakistan.

The unexplained absence of the former Army chief General (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg from the venue of the meeting surprised everyone, as he had earlier given his word to the host to attend the meeting and become a part of the decisions.

But, at the last moment, General Beg could not join his former Army colleagues who had gathered to support other political parties and civil society to pressurise Musharraf to quit.

At least, 26 senior retired generals attended the meeting at the residence of Brig (retd) Mahmud though invitation was extended to about 36 officers. However, some invitees, including General Ali Quli Khan, General Talat Masood and others, who could not attend the meeting, told the participants that they fully supported their demands.

The meeting also took the following decisions:

1. No safe exit should be given to Pervez Musharraf. He should be held accountable for all his actions, which include abrogation of the Constitution and other matters, including Kargil. An independent inquiry be held to fix the responsibility of his deeds, during the last eight years.

2. We support the civilian control of armed forces but recommend that checks and balances be ensured so that the armed forces are not politicised.

3. Vacation of the Army House by Musharraf is a step in the right direction, which should have been done long ago. This is giving a wrong signal to the people, as if the Army is supportive of his unconstitutional deeds.

4. Restriction on AQ Khan should be lifted and he should be allowed to resume all his normal activities.

5. We urge to bring back Shaukat Aziz to face an independent inquiry on wheat, steel mill, stock exchange, writing off loans and other issues. He is mainly responsible for the worsening economic situation of the country and be made to account for his actions.

6. If any steps similar to November 3 are taken by Musharraf to destabilise the present political process, these will be resisted by ex-servicemen in association with civil society and lawyersí community and political parties.

7. He should, therefore, bow down before the will of the people and stop using the presidency for further intrigues. We urge that missing persons be traced and the process initiated by the chief justice earlier be further progressed.

8. Problems of common man be addressed by the government to provide essential relief to them.

9. The Working Group further decided that it would support the lawyersí movement actively. In this connection, the committee has been made to liaise with the legal community.

Ex-Chairman Steel Mills exposes Shaukat-Musharraf corruption in the privatization issue

In Dr. Shahid Masood’s programme “Meray Mutabiq” on Geo News ex-chairman steel mills exposes the role of Shaukat Aziz and Pervaiz Musharraf in the privatization scandal.

In his interview General (R) Abdul Qayum also praised the SC at them time under Iftikhar Chudhary(The genuine CJP) and also demanded the resignation of Musharraf.

Below is the news related to the issue.

Ex-chief of Steel Mills spills the beans (The News)

RAWALPINDI: Former chief of the Steel Mills Lt Gen (retd) Abdul Qayyum has advised President General Pervez Musharraf not to exercise his powers under Article 58-2(b) to dissolve parliament or change the Army leadership, adding it would plunge the country into serious crises that too would not augur well for him.

General Qayyum said the best choice for General (retd) Pervez Musharraf is to quit power as, in his view, he (president) did not enjoy the support of any faction of the society.

Qayyum, who served in the Pakistan Army for 40 years with Pervez Musharraf, was responding to questions by Dr Shahid Masood in the popular Geo programme “Meray Mutabiq”.

He disclosed that differences between General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry cropped up over the privatisation of the Steel Mills.

The ex-Steel Mills chief said when the case was being heard by a full court of the Supreme Court, President Musharraf called him (Justice Iftikhar) and asked as to what kind of remarks he (Musharraf) was hearing from him, adding the case should be decided in a manner that it does not cause any loss to the country. To this, Justice Iftikhar said, “You shouldn’t worry. I will decide the case in the best interest of the country.”

The next day when the Supreme Court judgment in the case came, it was totally against the expectations of the president. It was then that a row between the president and the then chief justice ensued.

General (retd) Abdul Qayyum said all the judges on the full court were very honest and competent. They thoroughly did their homework before presiding the court and would make queries to dig into the truth.

To a question, Qayyum said once the then prime minister Shaukat Aziz summoned him and asked him to record a statement in favour of privatisation of the Steel Mills before the Supreme Court. “In response we will accommodate you on a very lucrative post. I told him, Sir, by making me such an offer you have disgraced me,” General Qayyum said.

Lt Gen (retd) Abdul Qayyum further disclosed that once Shaukat Aziz called him on phone and asked him to engage Wasim Sajjad, Sharifuddin Pirzada and Abdul Hafiz Pirzada for the case. But I told him that I have engaged Kamal Azfar. They (Aziz) asked about the fee and I told him that he has engaged him for Rs 700,000 to which the then prime minister said that the Mills should pay Rs 6,200,000 to Wasim Sajjad, Rs 3,500,000 to Abdul Hafiz Pirzada and Sharifuddin Pirzada to be paid even above them.

The former chairman of the Steel Mills said he told Shaukat Aziz that the price of only land of the Steel Mills was Rs 40 billion whereas he was fixing the price of whole the project at Rs 21 billion. This is too low, he further informed the prime minister. He said the prime minister turned a deaf ear to his view and insisted to wrap up the deal before long.

Gen Qayyum said, “I then sent my written objections in a letter. He sent me an insulting answer saying that it falls under their purview.”

Gen Qayyum said painfully that he did not know the reserved price. Some people participating in the bidding did know it, he said.

Gen Qayyum expressed the view that Shaukat Aziz’s bad intention was involved in this matter and an FIR should be registered against him.

Replying to a question, Gen Qayyum said he had tried thrice to meet the president to discuss this matter but he was not granted time. “Then one day I received a phone call saying that I should consider myself out of the job.”

Those who violated Supreme Court Order of 3rd November will be punished–>Constitutional and Genuine CJP Iftikhar Chaudhary

Faisalabad: Constitutional and genuine Chief Justice of Pakistan has said that those who violated the 3rd November 2007 SC order will be punished.

While addressing the lawyers convention in Faisalabad CJP Iftikhar said its time for lawyers,civil society, political workers and the whole nation to decide which type of judiciary they want whether independent pre-3rd November or post-3rd November(unconstitutional and PCO whcih surrendered infront of the dictator) judiciary.

He said the demand for the restoration of the judiciary is in accordance with the SC decision of 3rd November 2007 and that the decisions in the future(in the related cases) will be taken in accordance with the 3rd November of SC decision which rejected the dictator’s PCO.

The convention was also addressed by President of SCBA Aitzaz Ahsan,Hamid Khan,Ali Ahmed Kurd,Munir A Malik,Mehmood ul Hassan and others who demanded the restoration of judiciary, condemned the minus one forumula,Zardari’s approach towards the issue and re-uttered their conviction with the movement and the call for 10 June long march.

Protests –>21st May Lahore,22nd May Karachi

From Emergency mailing list


The battle for the restoration of judiciary is still on!


Organized by FASTRising/YPL and some SAC (Lhr) activists, a protest rally to start from FAST gate (B Block, Faisal Town, Lahore) immediately after maghrib prayers tomorrow, 21st May, Wednesday, at 7pm. Do join!



Hassan Rehman 

(on behalf of YPL/

22nd May Karachi


Citizens, Students, lawyers, trade unions, civil society groups are coming together to show support for Restoration of the Pre- Nov 3rd Judiciary
May 22nd, 2008
Time: 11am

Meet up Point: City Court , Karachi
COME JOIN US IN THE FIGHT and walk with us as we march from City Court to High Court to Press Club letting the  Citizens of Karachi know that the movement for restoration of judiciary still stands strong

Judges and The Peoples Party Government—>Tamjid Aijazi

It has been more than a month now and there seems to be no progress on the restoration of judiciary from the newly elected PPP Government. The impression that people are getting from the actions of Asif Ali Zardari is that PPP government is not serious in restoring Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chahudry.

Reasons are of course obvious. Asif Ali Zardari is considered to be one of the most corrupt personalities in Pakistan and the benefits he is availing from the NRO might be at stake. Restoration of judiciary on November 2nd position will obviously result in probe for the illegal actions of President Musharraf, including the NRO.

So, once again, we see personal vested interest in the path of our national interest. During this time, the role of political parties and personalities is becoming evident. Nawaz Sharif is indeed commendable for taking a stand for judiciary and motivating the people for the real interest of Pakistan.


Ex-generals plan long march, sit-in at Army House –>Rauf Klasra(The news)

Read the news item below and see even the seniors of dictator musharraf dont like him.

Ex-generals plan long march, sit-in at Army House(The News)
By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: Retired Army generals, including some who trained and groomed Pervez Musharraf, have planned a long march and a sit-in before the Army House in Rawalpindi to get it vacated so that Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani could move in.

The long march, the date of which will be announced soon, is being given final touches. The procession to force Musharraf to vacate the Army House would be led by former Army chief Mirza Aslam Beg and General (retd) Hamid Gul and about 200 retired Army officers will be there.

The presence of General (retd) Ali Quli Khan in the rally would be watched with a lot of interest by many as he was not only the course mate of Musharraf, but once the main candidate for the slot of Chief of Army staff.

Ali Quli had fallen victim to palace intrigues as Nawaz Sharif’s personal bias against him had helped Musharraf to capture the top slot. Another ex-Army general, General (retd) Faiz Chishti has been actively putting pressure on Musharraf to quit the post of Army Chief.

Talking to The News, Brig (retd) Mian Mohammad Mahmud, who is from the first PMA and an organiser of the event, confirmed that the top retired Army generals had decided to stage the long march. Brig Mahmud said efforts are under way to bring maximum number of Army generals in the demonstration as this issue concerns the reputation of the Pakistan Army.

Meanwhile, Brig Mahmud also handed over a statement on behalf of ex-Army servicemen. The statement said the common man’s urgent problems need to be addressed immediately. To examine the vital issues, a meeting of all like-minded and patriotic ex-servicemen is being called shortly, it said. A date will be announced soon, it said.


Aitzaz quits poll race to focus on long march

Thanks Aitzaz Ahsan for taking the right decision because the elections of 18 Feb 2008 brought no change in Pakistan.

PPP has become q-League part 2 or in-fact q-league ++ when it comes to serving the foreign agenda which also includes the destruction of our judicial system(as well as economic and social systems).

so people of Pakistan get ready for 10 June battle for the truth and justice in Pakistan.

Aitzaz quits poll race to focus on long march (DAWN)

By Ahmad Fraz Khan

LAHORE, May 18: Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Aitzaz Ahsan has pulled out of the electoral race to save the Pakistan People’s Party from an embarrassing situation because at around the time of the coming by-election he will be leading the lawyers’ long march and movement for reinstatement of the deposed judges.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Mr Ahsan said he had informed Pakistan People’s Party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday that he was withdrawing his application for the PPP ticket for the by-election.

The SCBA chief said he wanted to concentrate on making the long march a success.

He said the long march would be a decisive factor in the struggle launched by the lawyers 14 months ago and it needed his full-time devotion.

The SCBA president announced that the long march would begin from Multan on June 10.

After attending gatherings of Sahiwal and Okara bars, the caravan of judges and lawyers will move to Lahore. The next day it would proceed to Islamabad via Gujranwala, Gujrat and Jhelum, he said, adding that the same day another caravan of lawyers would converge on Islamabad from Peshawar.

“The lawyers will go to parliament which is at the centre of the current controversy.”

A lawyers’ meeting held here on Saturday had expressed confidence in the leadership of Mr Ahsan and left the decision about taking part in the by-election to him.“Since all arrangements for the long march are to be made and contesting the by-election may also put the PPP in an awkward position, it is better to withdraw from the electoral race and concentrate on the lawyers’ movement,” he said.

He said that people must translate their love for deposed Chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry into action.

Mr Ahsan appealed to all ‘conscious segments’ of the society, including students, traders, members of the civil society, political workers, professionals and the media, to join the struggle for independent judiciary. It was the “only way to safeguard the future of the nation,” he insisted.

He said the presidency was continuing to hatch conspiracies against democracy and one proof of this was that the attorney-general had not been changed.

Mr Ahsan said the lawyers would call off the long march if the judges were reinstated before June 10.

In reply to a question, he said the decisions of the Supreme Court presided over by Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar could be covered under the ‘de facto doctrine’ after the reinstatement of the deposed judges. He said he did not know whether the deposed judges would take up the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) after their reinstatement.

Mr Ahsan conceded that he had differences with the PPP co-chairman on the issue of the judiciary but refused to provide details.

When asked if the lawyers intended to picket the General Headquarters or parliament at the end of their long march, Mr Ahsan said the army did not have any role in the current crisis and the lawyers were convinced about the neutrality of Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Kayani.

Lawyers announce the date for long march(10 june)–>APDM to meet on 18 May

In All Pakistan lawyers convention, Pakistan bar council (PBC) has announced the date of long March for the restoration of judiciary .

The date decided with the mutual consensus is 10 th of June 2008 and according to SCBA president Aitzaz Ahsan the Chief Guest for the March will be the honorable genuine CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary.

Lawyers have formed a committee to decide the future coarse of the movement.

APDM to Meet on 18 May

APDM will hold a meeting on 18 May in Islamabad to decide the future line of action for the movement to restore judiciary in Pakistan.

according to a report by The News:

“Experts from all segments of the society would be invited to the conference. They would take into account the current situation and express their views to chalk out the future line of action,” sources in APDM told The News here on Friday.

The sources further said the committee, which included Liaquat Baloch, Akram Shah,

Dr Hameed Memon and Sardar Zaheer, would hold a session to decide a date for the conference, prepare the draft of invitation and alsofinalise the names of those

who were to be invited to the forum.