Sher Afgan’s Beating and Implications: The Story not told by Media—>Some points to look into.

Dear All

Television Channels are going berserk with unsubstantiated information. There is no evidence to conclude for sure that the people who beat Dr. Afgan up are lawyers. Yet many TV channels, in particular GEO, has gone a step ahead in irresponsible reporting and have already started blaming the lawyers movement for this act. We strongly believe that the ones involved were not members of the lawyers movement and all those issuing unsubstantiated libelous statements will have appropriate legal action against them. Please forward this email to all TV channels, especially GEO.

As required of all responsible journalists, we ask you to help us in an inquiry so that specifics may be found out.Please share with you any information that they have about today’s incident. We are trying to compile as much evidence as possible in order to determine who exactly was behind this and for what motive. First hand information is always the best. However you are welcome to submit second hand information that you may have obtained through hearing other people or credible reliable reports.

In particular if you have any information that could help answer the following questions:

1) Motive of Sher Afgan:

What was sher afghan doing there? Who was he meeting and why?

2) Responsibility of identification:

How did people find out about him? Who started informing people of his presence?

3) The attack:

When did the gathering start? Did anyone call people to assemble? What did they do?

4) People involved:
How many of them were recognized as lawyers? How many of them were other people?

5) Intervention:
Who all was trying to prevent them and did they get injured in the process as well?

6) Action by Law enforcement agencies:
When was the police contacted? When did they arrive? How many people were there? How long did the ambulance take?

The questions are not exhaustive: they merely suggest a list of items we need in order to submit a final, researched report.

Please forward this to as many people as possible so that we can get to the truth in this matter. Emergency Times Team has already condemned the incident in the strongest possible words.


Sher Afgan’s Beating and Implications: The Story not told by Media

By Sameer Shaharyar

Just when the lawyers movement had become sacred and had broke all the
records of nobility and had earned the respect and esteem of the
nation, things turned ugly in Lahore. Dr. Sher Afghun Niazi, a close
aide of President Musharraf and an inactive leader of PML-Q went to
the chamber of his lawyer Malik Noor Mohammad Awan, when a lawyer who
was present opposite to the Malik Noor’s chamber called to the Lahore
high court and few hundred lawyers gathered outside the hotel, where
Sher Afgun was present.

Now things start turning interestingly mysterious from here. Dr. Sher
Afghun telephoned D.I.G operations Lahore in the afternoon, but he
never materialized. Then Dr. Sher Afgun  telephoned some highups in
the caretaker ministry of Punjab, but no one answered. When thousands
of people gathered (and most of them were not lawyers) then D.I.G
Operations Lahore came and showed his haplessness.

President of Supreme Court Association Aitzaz Ahsan reached to the
scene and tried to rescue the former minister. He pleaded with Police
to make a passage from the hotel door to the Edhi ambulance, but there
was huge and alarming security lapse. And due to that laps people
managed to reach the Dr. Sher Afgun and slapped him and treated him
with shoes.

This incident has put a question mark on the lawyer movement. The more
you look into it, the more it feels that this is yet another effort to
derail the lawyers movement. The way Dr. Sher Afgun has been treated
is extremely sad and condemnable. But the leaders of this movement
needs to identify the black sheep in their rows. Some lawyers were
surely there beating Sher Afgun, but many people who were on the front
were in plain clothes and were not recognizable.

But all in all, this incident and the incident with Dr. Arbab Ghulam
Rahim are condemnable and against all the civilized and democratic
values. Lawyers are the guardians of the law and constitution and they
need to excuse from the whole nation for the conduct of some of their
laws, but they also need to recognize those invisible hands which are
hard at work against them and the deposed judiciary.

This incident will give another breather to the forces of status quo
to stick to the rule more by defaming the lawyers movement and the
democratic forces.

From Pakistan Spectator: