Updates of black flag week—-> Rally on Sunday in Karachi

Some updates for black flag week-rally in Karachi on Sunday

Updated Events at : http://blackflagweek.blogspot.com/
KHI: FOUR RALLIES: Car.Truck.Bus.Rickshaw Rallies
When Sun, Mar 16, 3pm – 5pm

All 4 rallies end at Quaid’s Mazar.

Starting at these 4 points:

1. Bacha Khan Chowk,
2. Malir District Courts,
3. Bacha Khan Chowk,
4. Seaview.

Bring your car
Bring your motorcycle
Bring your rickshaw
Bring your bus Or
Bring your truck

Wear Black Armband
Fly a Black Flag on your vehicle


KHI: Flag Hoisting: Seaview
When Fri, Mar 14, 4pm – 5pm
Where Seaview
Description People’s Resistance

KHI: Seminar & Flag Hoisting
When Fri, Mar 14, 5pm – 7pm
Where Jinnah Medical College (Medicare)


LHR: G. House Meeting
When Fri, Mar 14, 10:30am – 11:30am
Where Lahore High Court & Lahore Bar Association

LHR: Black Flag Rally
When Fri, Mar 14, 5pm – 6pm
Where Lahore liberty Roundabout


ISB: Black Flag Demo at G-10 Markaz
When Fri, Mar 14, 4pm – 6pm
Where G-10 Markaz, Isl.

WhenFri, Mar 14, 4pm – 6pm
WhereG-10 Markaz, Isl.

Another evil act by Musharraf establishment, using 12 Rabi ul Awwal for their evil political cause

I don’t know what change has come in the past few days in our American pet dictator that his loyal establishment is now trying to spread the message in the society that black flag week is disrespect for the month of Rabi ul Awwal.
Rabi ul Awwal has its importance because it’s the month of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s birth, the Prophet (SAW) who spread the message of a religion whose foundations are based on the principles which say that all the humans are equal in front of Allah, the religion which obligates its followers to have justice among themselves, the religion which protects the basic human rights and many other things which you cannot expect from our dictator’s government.
The holy book which was revealed on the Prophet (SAW) says,
“We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that men may stand forth in Justice.” [Al-Hadeed 57:25]
So if people are doing there struggle for the cause of justice I don’t think that the act is a disrespect for the month in which the Prophet (SAW) was born.
As the dictator’s former state minister of religious affairs and his former supporter , Amir Liaqat said that he would have believed the natural attachment of “the person” (with the Prophet (SAW) and the month of Rabi ul Awwal) if he wouldn’t have know the nature of the person(the great dictator).
Now lets see what our great establishment who is now pursuing the Ullema’s to give fatwa on the black flag week in the month Rabi ul Awwal doing in this month, killing own Muslims (including women and children) in their own country, illegal detention of judiciary including the genuine CJP,illegal detention of Dr AQ Khan, people are dying of hunger and the governing class is busy in playing there dirty political games, Kashmir and Palestine causes have been surrendered to the will of the imperialist powers and how much do I have to write.
The CJ of Pakistan , Iftikhar Chaudhary wasn’t allowed to offer eid-ul-azha prayers, that’s what you call love with the Prophet(SAW)? What would the Prophet (SAW) say on Lal Masjid operation? What about hand shake and exchange of goodwill with the leadership of Israel which is not only occupying illegally the Holy Land but also killing innocent people.
Our Prophet (SAW) gave the lesson to act justly
“Those who act justly will be seated upon pulpits of light before Allah. They will be those who do justice in their decisions, in matters relating to their families, and in all that is referred to them.” Hadith Nabwi (SAW)

And if some people (MashaAllah there are many now) are doing struggle for the cause of justice, they are serving the righteous cause which is not in any form condemnable.
But in fact the efforts of the establishment to exploit the love of the Prophet (SAW) for their political cause and the power lust of a dictator is a disrespect not only to the month of Rabi ul Awwal but the mockery of affection all the Muslims have with the Prophet (SAW).
In the end, for the people who think struggling for a cause or doing protest is something which is useless and condemnable:
“Whoever amongst you sees anything objectionable let him change it with his hand, if he is not able, then with his tongue, and if he is not even able to do so, then with his heart, and the latter is the weakest form of faith.” Hadith Nabwi (SAW)
Now please Mr. President Dictator stop dividing the society and stop damaging the country.

JAB KHATM HOGI ULTI GINTI–>Woh ajab aik manzar hoga
































Aitzaz Ahsan to lead rally on 13 March 2008 —>Black Flag Week Updates

(From Emergency Mailing List) 

Nationwide: Complete boycott of ALL courts on Thursday
Lahore: Car Rally on the 13th from Lahore to Gujranwala at 8:30 am. This will leave from 5 zaman park lahore. Aitzaz Ahsan will lead this rally. All those wanting to attend this event send a confirmation to: info@aaa-law.net
Islamabad: 4:00pm

 ISB: Black Flag Demo at F-8 Markaz
When    Thu, Mar 13, 4pm – 6pm
Where    F-8 Markaz Islamabad

Karachi: 10:30 am

 KHI:Bushra Aitzaz at KBA & Rally
When:  10:30am – 11:30am
Where:  Karachi Bar

Lawyers continue there boycott of courts–>The news

The News: 

KARACHI: The spate of boycotts of all the courts in the five districts and observing token hunger strike in a row for the fifth day here continued.

Today is the fourth day of lawyers’ black flag week, when the members of Sindh High Court Bar, Karachi Bar and Malir Bar boycotted the courts for one hour and stayed away from the proceedings. Token hunger strike camps were also set up at the three Bars. Tomorrow Thursday, the courts will be boycotted totally and the lawyers would not appear in the courts, while a joint General Body meeting would be held at Karachi Bar. Later, the lawyers would bring out a rally from the KBA office to KPC, which would be attended by the lawyers, civil society representatives and members of political parties.

FAISALABAD: Lawyers in Faisalabad observed strike in courts on the fourth day of the black flag week on Wednesday.

Lawyers boycotted the court proceedings after 11:00 am and held a rally with black-flags that passed through major roads of the city.

President district bar Nasir Mahmood Goraya headed the rally. The participants of the rally vowed that they would continue their struggle till the freedom of the judiciary

Some Updates Related To Black Flag Week for 10 March 2008–>Emergency and Black Flag week mailing lists and blogs

              Emergency Times Mailing List

Events for 10th March. Please check out the upto date events at:



Flag Hoistings:

3:00 pm >> Hotel Jabees, Saddar
Islamic Lawyers Movement (ILM)
People’s Resistance and all other friends are invited to join 5:00 pm >> Iqbal Haider’s House
D-25, Block 4, KDA 5, Clifton
Just after Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Mazar, off 26th Street
Behind Designers.

1. Black Flag will be hoisted 10:30 A.M.
3. G.H. Meeting of L.H.C. 10:30 A.M.
4. Address of Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan (President SCBA ) 11:00 A.M.
5. Rally of LBA 11:30 A.M.
6. Black Flag Rally at Liberty Roundabout – 5.00 -5.45 pm


Car Rally with nearly 50 cars with black flags, taking a round of almost all of the busiest areas of Islamabad, honking all the way, starting from Suharwardy Road at Fire Brigade (4 pm), and going through Aabpara,then welcoming Ali Kurd’s arrival at the Rawalpindi International Airport at 5 15-5 30 pm and then going around Islamabad again. The rally will have a public address system to also address public at busy intersections.

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Courtesy: http://blackflagweek.blogspot.com/ UPDATE > 900pm > rallies, clashes IslamabadClashes, tear gas at rally to greet CJ in judges enclave
1000 + people showed up. The rally was led by Imran Khan and Justice (r) Tariq.
The Rally had participation from Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Student Action Committee, Awami Jamhoori Itehad, Insani Haqooq Itehad and the lawyers community.
 Karachi15,000 people at rally at Karachi Press Club. Ends at Supreme Court Building (Karachi).
The rally was only possible by the untiring efforts of the People’s Resistance Group in Karachi ever since Nov 3rd.
The event had attendance from political parties, NGO’s, lawyers, traders, reform groups and the civil society.
Speeches were given by Fakhruddin Ibrahim, Rashid Rizvi and Munir Malik.
 LahoreRally from Neher Ghar to Justice Ramday’s House. The rally was led by Bushra Ahsan and swelled to over 1000 outside justice Ramday’s house. The police was so overwhelmed by the numbers that they did not stop the protesters from entering Justice Ramday’s house.Speeches were given by Aitzaz Ahsan and Justice Bhagwandas. The rally had participation from Concerned Citizens of Pakistan, Student Action Committee, lawyers, some political party workers and members of civil society.Aitzaz welcomes joint statement of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari to reinstate all deposed judges within 30 days of Parliament. States that countdown will begin. Political parties will be supported from tomorrow. Focus should now be on Musharraf.

US yearns for Pak capitulation–>Shireen M Mazari Article in the News

By Shireen M Mazari

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has given them bases and logistic
support as well as intelligence sharing but what the
US is now demanding from Islamabad has shocked the
Defence and Foreign Ministries and the initial
reaction has been a rejection of what are highly
intrusive demands for the US military and auxiliary
personnel in Pakistan.

This scribe has learnt of the latest set of 11 demands
the US has put to the Government of Pakistan through
the Ministry of Defence. As one goes down the list of
the demands, they become increasingly untenable.

The first demand is for granting of a status that is
accorded to the technical and administrative staff of
the US embassy. The second demand is that these
personnel be allowed to enter and exit Pakistan on
mere National Identification (for example a driving
licence) that is without any visas.

Next, the US is demanding that Pakistan accept the
legality of all US licences, which would include arms
licences. This is followed by the demand that all
these personnel be allowed to carry arms and wear
uniforms as they wish, across the whole of Pakistan.

Then comes a demand that directly undermines our
sovereignty – that the US criminal jurisdiction be
applicable in Pakistan to US nationals. In other
words, these personnel would not be subject to
Pakistani law.

In territories of US allies like Japan, this condition
exists in areas where there are US bases and has
become a source of major resentment in Japan,
especially because there are frequent cases of US
soldiers raping Japanese women and getting away with
it. In the context of Pakistan, the demand to make the
US personnel above the Pakistani law would not be
limited to any one part of the country! So the
Pakistani citizens will become fair game for US
military personnel as well as other auxiliary staff
like military contractors.

The next demand is for exemption from all taxes,
including indirect taxes like excise duty, etc. The
seventh demand is for inspection-free import and
export of all goods and materials. So we would not
know what they are bringing in or taking out of our
country – including Gandhara art as well as sensitive

At number eight is the demand for free movement of
vehicles, vessels including aircraft, without landing
or parking fees! Then, at number nine, there is a
specific demand that selected US contractors should
also be exempted from tax payments.

At number ten there is the demand for free of cost use
of US telecommunication systems and using all
necessary radio spectrum. The final demand is the most
dangerous and is linked to the demand for
non-applicability of Pakistani law for US personnel.
Demand number eleven is for a waiver of all claims to
damage to loss or destruction of others’ property, or
death to personnel or armed forces or civilians. The
US has tried to be smart by not using the word “other”
for death but, given the context, clearly it implies
that US personnel can maim and kill Pakistanis and
destroy our infrastructure and weaponry with impunity.

Effectively, if accepted, these demands would give the
US personnel complete freedom to do as they please in
Pakistan – in fact, they would take control of events
in areas of their interest.

It is no wonder then that Pakistan’s Defence Ministry,
the Foreign Office and the Law Ministry have reacted
with complete rejection. But, as one official source
feared, “This is just the opening salvo of demands and
the US can be expected to bargain in order to seek the
most critical of these demands.”

As he put it, “Any hesitation or weakness that the US
senses on part of Pakistan will put us on a fatal
slippery slope to total submission. This would result
in increasing instability in the country.”

So, for those who feel there is bonhomie and complete
understanding between the Pakistan military and the US
military, and the trouble only exists at the political
level, it is time to do a serious rethink. The first
step in dealing rationally with our indigenous
terrorist problem holistically and credibly is to
create space between ourselves and the US. As the US
adage goes: “There is no free lunch”. For Pakistan
lunching with the US has become unacceptably costly.
When US embassy in Islamabad was approached for
reaction to this report, Elizabeth Colton, US Embassy
Spokesperson, said, “We will not dignify this attack
with a comment.”

“Terrorist Activities in Pakistan and US-War on Terror”

Pakistan’s strategic location makes it almost impossible for the country to keep itself away from the events all over the world. 9-11 2001 attacks on world trade centre towers in New York lead Pakistan to a situation in which it had to take a U-turn on its successful Afghan policy and they had to pull off their support for the pro-Pakistan Taliban government.

The legitimacy of the war is not only criticized by many in Pakistan and all over the world but the debate is also a hot topic in USA itself whether the 9-11 attacks are the job of al-Qaida or it’s an insider job .

According to former Italian president, Francesco Cossiga:”[Bin Laden supposedly confessed] to the Al-Qaida September [attack] to the two towers in New York [claiming to be] the author of the attack of the 11, while all the [intelligence services] of America and Europe … now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the CIA American and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

Nevertheless Pakistan government took a position of frontline state in the war and now it is facing the brunt of it and also in that war on terror Pakistan was forced to send its troop in the northern parts of its country.

Now after a brief background come to the real topic, the terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Though first suicide attack in Pakistan occurred even before 9-11 in 1995 when an Egyptian bomber smashed his explosives-laden truck into the embassy of Egypt which killed 14 people.

The recent suicide bombing row started from 2002 attacks on French engineers and scientists who were in Pakistan to work on the nuclear submarine project, the blame was put on al-Qaida and its allies in Pakistan ( as a reaction of its role in the war on terror), after that a series of suicide bombings in Pakistan started in which hundreds of people have been killed including the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and also several high profile leaders including President Musharraf, former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, military personnel and foreigners were attacked in the similar manner.

Some points to ponder

Whenever there is a chance of peace truce being signed or even after signing the agreement between local tribesmen in Waziristan and Pakistan Army some similar pattern activities occur.

1) Us strikes in the tribal areas (like the recent one is February 28th one and just one month ago on 29th January)

2) Pakistan Government denies such attacks by foreign forces and claims whatever actions are being taken in the area are being conducted by Pakistan forces and thus taking the blame on their shoulder (and event they face the mass public pressure they just give a weak foreign office condemnation)

3) Suicide attacks in civilian and military areas of Pakistan (like the one on 2nd March on peace jirga).

4) Then peace talks break, like it has happened twice this year and even before that in 2006 and 2007(the Damadola USA strikes attack etc).

5) During that period several tribal leaders and religious scholars who were actively working for the peace negotiations were being targeted and removed from the scene.

These repetitive set of events and the relation between the events have lead to the rise of the thought which is prevailing very quickly that USA is involved in these activities because it wants to weaken the only nuclear Muslim state.

Recent statement by Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz Khan that people in Pakistan feel that India, Afghanistan and USA are involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, may have fueled the US officials but the ground reality doesn’t deny this.

We must not forget that many Indian RAW agents have been arrested for their involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan and also it is now well clear that BLA (Baluchistan Liberation Army ) was well supported by India and Israel (with US-backing and approval).

Also we should not neglect the statement given by Robert Gates in December 2007:

“Al-Qaida right now seems to have turned its face toward Pakistan and attacks on the Pakistani government and Pakistan people.”

We must ask ourselves, “Can we keep our eyes close from the facts? What does the history and prevailing facts tell us. It’s time to learn from the history or get ready to be a forgotten part of it.”

It is clearly evident that USA is again interfering in our political matters ( and our respectful and democratic leaders are allowing it to happen or in fact willingly want them to get involved), we as a society put pressure on our leader to act as true leaders not slaves of Imperialist and Zionist powers.

We should at least ask ourselves, for what we are fighting? And whose cause we are serving? We have put on stake our national integrity and honor, for what? We have damaged our Kashmir cause, for what? We are killing our own people, for what? We toppled our institutions (even the most important one, the judiciary), for what? We disgraced our national hero, for what?

For that so called war on terror whose legitimacy is has become a question mark not only in the whole world but in USA as well.

And our dictator still claims that his actions are in the broader national interest of Pakistan.

Can someone tell me which Pakistan?

It’s surely not the one which was founded by our ancestors.

May be Musharraf wants to make a new Pakistan, “George Ka Pakistan”.

Also read:


Some Updates Related To Black Flag Week–>Emergency mailing list and Black Flag week mailing list

              Emergency Times Mailing List

Today on March 9 2008 in front of the High Commission of Pakistan, London, the Pakistani community in the UK responded to the call of the Supreme Court Bar Association to show solidarity with the lawyers movement in Pakistan to restore judiciary and to ask Musharraf to step down immediately with Go Musharraf Go chanting. This is as mandated by the people of Pakistan based on the result of the recent elections.

There was also a clear demand for immediate release of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and others who are under house arrest and strong condemnation of violence used against the lawyers, civil society activists, students, political party members in Islamabad today who were trying to meet with the Chief Justice.
In the protest today, we had representation from the civil society including students, UK Lawyers Committee for Human Rights and Justice for Pakistan, Sibghat Kadri QC, political parties ie PPP, PML-N, PTI etc.

Based on the recent events today, we are very pleased to hear that a pact has been signed between the two mainstream parties to restore judicairy to the pre Nov 3rd state within 30 days and the London protest today shows how strongly the UK Pakistanis see this as a primary pillar for a democratic Pakistan.

Sibghat Kadri QC, Rabia Zia (UK PTI) 
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Dear Sarmad,
Please note that:
The Black Flag Hoisting at the residence of Mr. Iqbal Haider, Secretary General of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (D-25, Block 4, Clifton, just after Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar, Off. 26th Street, Karachi, Cell # 0300-8292888) will be held on Monday, the 10th of March 2008 at 05:00 pm
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Black Flag Week

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Saturday, 8th March:
Gather at Mr. Books in F-6 Supermarket for an address by Aitzaz Ahsan to traders of the area and a subsequent march to Aabpara.
Please do not forget that March 8th is International Women’s Day, hence WAF and other organizations have organized a march at 5:30 pm at China Chowk to the Parliament House.

All day camp near Mr. Books, Super Market to distribute flyers for rally and and black flags.

Sunday, 9th March:

Massive rally led by Aitzaz Ahsan from his Islamabad residence (Street 16, F-6/3) at 4 pm to the CJ’s residence. Bring black flags and wet towels in a plastic bag. Swimming goggles are also recommended since we anticipate heavy teargas.

Camp Sunday till 4 pm near Mr. Books, Super Market to distribute flyers for rally and and black flags. Imran Khan will lead a rally from here to join Aitzaz Ahsan’s rally.


Saturday, 8th March:
Car Rally to Advertise Black Flag Week: Cars will be divided in 3 groups to leave from 5 Zaman Park (Nehr Ghar) at 3 pm on separate routes (routes will be given on arrival).

Sunday, 9th March:
Car Rally to leave 5 Zaman Park (Nehr Ghar) at 3 pm for Justice Ramday’s



Saturday, 8th March:
Flag hoisting:

*Women’s Action Forum (WAF), 11:30 am at Teen Talwar

*Jinnah Medical University (Medicare Hospital), 5 pm, Shaheed e Millat Road

*Iqbal Haider’s House, 6 pm, B-25, Block 4, KDA 5, Clifton (behind Designers on 26th Street)

Sunday, 9th March:
Protest with political parties at 3 pm at Karachi Press Club


Sunday, 9th March
Protest in front of Pakistani High Commission in London 2 PM – 3 PM. Contact Taimur Rehman ( 07825160691) for details.

In Solidarity,

Samad Khurram
Harvard College
394 Winthrop House Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138
E-Mail: skhurram@fas.harvard.edu
Cell(US): +1-(617)960-7289
Cell(PK): +92-300-5599085

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