History Repeats it self—>Comparison between Iraq-Saddam and Pakistan-Musharraf Situation(Part 1)

History repeats it self because nobody seems to learn from it and that’s what is happening with us.

Our leaders specially and nation in general are repeating the same mistakes we did before or made by others like us in the past. Now I come straight to the point which I want to discuss (my brain storming is not allowing me to write any more starting lines).

In the 80’s Iraq was a key American ally and Saddam was the best friend America had in the region. Saddam’s regime was fully backed militarily and financially by the Americans specially during their conflict with Iran but what we saw on December 30th 2006? Saddam hanged by the American sponsored Iraqi government. We have lots of things to learn from this, during Saddam-US love patch US was making Saddam stronger and stronger and making Iraq weaker and weaker by using it against Iran and also by encouraging him to take actions against Shia Iraqis and Kurdish Sunni Iraqis and it is also to be noted that Kurdish movement is being supported secretly by Israel and also the American investment was there for other Saddam opposing forces so what America wanted to achieve from that?

By strengthening Saddam Iraq and weakening Iraq America successfully made Saddam the main power centre also during that time the US-CIA was able to start Iraq-Kuwait War and after that America started to attack the Iraqi power centre i.e. Saddam (and his government) by calling their best friend a dictator, a tyrant and …

Then with the help of US sanctions and support of anti-Saddam forces they were able to weak Saddam’s forces and government hold (making no fly zones etc) and after 9/11 during their course of modern day crusades (The so called War on Terror) they attacked Iraq and toppled Saddam’s government on the charges that they have developed WMD and called the Operation Enduring Freedom (Because US hates dictatorship, loves democracy, rule of law and freedom).

To be conitnued…