Jemima Joins Protests against Musharraf and Martial Law(Emergency)

 Jemima Khan, ex-wife of Imran Khan, joined hands with people who were protesting outside the Pakistan High Commission to press their demand for the release of all political detainees in Pakistan.
Jemima who extended help to start the ‘Free Pakistan’ Movement, a group made up largely of lawyers, journalists, doctors and professionals, stood at the heart of the demonstration and said that she was doing it because Imran and her Pakistani friends asked “us to make a noise here because they are not able to do it there.”
Jemima’s youngest son was holding a picture of his father Imran with the words “Release Imran. Release my Aba”,media reports.
According to the daily, Jemima received a message from Imran that he was thinking of Sulaiman, 11, on his birthday.
Also there are rumors in Pakistan Regarding torture on Imran Khan in Jail by Musharraf’s Security Forces. 

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Due to the shut down of sattelite uplink of GEO TV from Dubai Geo TV Channel is now broadcasting its news on web site.

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Geo closure: journalists up in arms

ISLAMABAD: Journalists throughout the country continued their protest Sunday against shutting down of Geo TV and ARY Digital as well as curbs on the media.

Hundreds of journalists, members of civil society, students, political workers and human rights activists gathered in Islamabad and chanted slogans against the ban on the TV channels. Addressing the protest rally the speakers condemned the government for asking the managements of the two channels to sack prominent and respected journalists.

Pakistani networks Geo TV and ARY Digital were ordered by the authorities to halt transmission from the United Arab Emirates after they refused to sign a Pakistani government-mandated “code of conduct.”

Geo TV was ordered by the UAE Information Ministry in Dubai to cease satellite and Internet broadcasts by midnight local time on Friday, according to Geo TV officials. The other channel also received a similar order with no reason given for the shutdown. 

The demonstrators wore black bands and held banners and placards inscribed with slogans for free media and against the ban on TV channels. They also condemned the kidnapping of Shoaib Bhutta, a local journnalist and accused the agencies of kidnapping him. The demonstrators also raised slogans against General Musharraf.

A large number of riot police were deployed near the demonstrators but they did not intervene. Geo TV and ARY Digital were the only networks that had not returned to cable distribution in Pakistan since the shutdown of all private broadcasters on November 3 after President Pervez Musharraf suspended the constitution and imposed emergency. The news channels, however, had remained accessible in Pakistan via Internet or satellite before Friday’s blackout.

The networks had been told to sign the 14-page code of conduct by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority if they wanted to resume transmission. Geo TV and ARY Digital refused to sign. The agreement bypasses due process if stations violate government regulations.

Journalists condemned the murder of the widow of a slain tribal journalist who was killed in a bomb attack in the tribal region of North Waziristan on Saturday. Mehr-un-Nisa, the widow of Hayatullah Khan, was killed when a bomb planted at her house wall exploded.

The journalists set up protest camps outside press clubs in major cities and towns and also staged demonstrations. Lahore, meanwhile, witnessed people belonging to different walks of life coming to a protest camp set up in front of the Geo office to express their solidarity with the protesting journalists. They lit candles there, demanding immediate removal of ban on Geo transmission.

BAHAWALPUR: Journalists on Sunday staged a demonstration outside the Bahawalpur Press Club to protest closure of Geo and ARY channels’ transmissions. They chanted slogans against the curbs on media, imposition of emergency and arrest of lawyers and journalists. The Bahawalpur Union of Journalists (BUJ) and Media Action Committee held a protest meeting at the press club. Speaking on the occasion, BUJ President Ameen Abbasi announced that journalists would also stage a protest demonstration today (Monday). 

KASUR: Newsmen held a demonstration on Circular Road to protest the shutdown of Geo and ARY transmissions. 

The demonstration was led by senior journalist M Saleemur Rahman. Addressing the demonstrators, Nawaz Karimi, Dr Zakir Hussain, Jamil Hussain, Fazal Hussain Bhutta, Malik Arif, Ishfaq Ahmad Bhatti and Dr Usman Ghani demanded of the government to restore the channels. 

TOBA TEK SINGH: On the call of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists media persons demonstrated outside the press club on Sunday. They chanted slogans against the closure of Geo and ARY channels by President Gen Pervez Musharraf. Later, they held a protest meeting at the press club. 

Speaking on the occasion, press club President Mian Manzoor Naz, General Secretary Tariq Saeed, Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal district general secretary Mian Abdul Basit advocate, Pakistan People’s Party leader Chaudhry Masood Ahmad Kahloon, former DBA president Mian Shahid Iqbal, Dr Saleem Ghazi, Haji Abdul Majeed Anwar, Mian Ehsanul Haq Burki and Kamalia press club president Rana Amjad asked the government to lift curbs on the print and electronic media. They also demanded lifting of emergency. 

CHAKWAL: The Divisional Union of Journalists and Chakwal Press Club, in a joint meeting here on Sunday, condemned the shutdown of Geo and ARY transmissions. 

The meeting was presided over by Chakwal Press club chairman Fahim Akhtar Butt. The meeting passed a resolution, demanding immediate restoration of the news channels. 

Speaking on the occasion, Fakhir Mehmood Mirza, Tahir Farooqi, Nasir Qamar, Muhammad Khan Aqal and Zulfiqar Mir announced setting up of a hunger strike camp at the press club. They said the draconian law imposed during the emergency against the media was a clear negation of the constitution of the country. They said the blackout of TV channels had exposed the hollowness of the claims of ‘unprecedented freedom’ given to media. 

SHEIKHUPURA: The press club in its meeting here on Sunday condemned the government restrictions on private TV channels. 

The meeting was presided over by press club president Abdul Hammed Bhatti. It passed a resolution asking the international media to come forward to condemn curbs on media. The journalists agreed to set up a hunger strike camp in front of the local press club till the restoration of news channels.

Press club general secretary Safdar Shaheen, Sultan Hameed Rahi, Arshad Sheikh, Ghulam Ahmad, Imran Maqbool, Rana Ashraf, Rana Sarwar, Sheikh Jamil, Zhahid Mehmood, Malik Tariq Aziz, Sohail Ahad, Maqbool Ahmad, Azeem Yazdani, Amjad Nazir Butt and others attended the meeting. 

OKARA: Journalists of the city will set up a hunger strike camp outside the press club today (Monday).

Local politicians and representatives of civil organisations will join the camp to express solidarity with journalists. 

GOJRA: Journalists, lawyers and politicians have condemned the shutdown of Geo and ARY transmissions. 

In their separate statements here on Sunday, Abid Chaudhry, Arshad Nasir, Muhammad Tayyab, Mian Iftikhar Umair, Malik Nazir, Syed Mohsin Raza, Rana Imtiaz, Iqbal Khan, Khursheed Athar, Dr Ijaz, Shaheen Chaudhry advocate, Ghulam Muhammad Lala, former MNA M Hamza and Muhammad Ishaq demanded immediate restoration of TV channels.

PHOOLNAGAR: Journalists on Sunday staged a rally against the closure of Geo and ARY transmissions. 

Press club president Ch Zafar Iqbal led the rally. The protesting journalists wore black armbands and chanted slogans against President Gen Pervez Musharraf. 

MIRPUR (AJK): Journalists affiliated with national print and electric media here on Sunday staged protest demonstration against the imposition of restrictions on the electronic media in Pakistan including shutting down of Geo and ARY TV channels by the government.

Senior journalists including the press club President Amin Butt, Sayed Abid Hussain Shah, Asjad Shah, Sohrab Ahmed Khan and other office bearers of the press club led the rally arranged by the Kashmir Press Club, Mirpur. 

The journalists passed through the city streets raising slogans against sanctions imposed on the electronic media, imposition of emergency and provisional constitutional ordinance (PCO), confinement of the chief justice and other judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and arrest of hundreds of journalists and political and human rights activists.

Lahore: People belonging to different walks of life coming to a protest camp set up in front of the Geo office to express their solidarity with the protesting journalists. They lit candles there, demanding immediate removal of ban on Geo transmission. 

GEO and ARY Tramissions Shut Down by the UAE Govt. (Pressurised by the Pakistani Dictator)

Another mile-stone achieved by the current dictatorship after taking a military action against the supreme court of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan has used their relations with the UAE government and shut down the transmissions of UAE based Pakistani Channels GEO and ARY , after the November 3, 2007 decision of imposing martial law, the government ordered the PEMRA(Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) to ban the broadcast of private channels and the latest development has seriously damaged Musharraf’s claims to be a tolerant person and his true fascist dictator face has now emerged.

Dictatorship at its best,national pride at its worst

Assalam o alaikum

I am almost speechless on the behavior shown by the government first with Imran Khan and then with his family.
Many people may differ from his political views but no one can deny his contributions for Pakistan. He brought our first ever and up-till now the only cricket world cup, made the dream of a cancer hospital in a poor country like Pakistan to come true and his commitment to a strong system of justice.
Great nations show respect to their heroes even if there are views associated with them which are not acceptable for a particular mindset.

The only thing which I can say about this act by the government “Dictatorship at its best,national pride at its worst”.
The manhandling shows how brutal,ruthless and shameless can dictator can be.

Bloggers confront emergency—>from The DailyTimes

Bloggers confront emergency
By By Khalid Khattak
LAHOREStudent groups from various universities of the City including Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and FAST-National University have created a number of blogs on different websites to mobilise youths to stand against prevailing state of emergency in the country. Apart from blogs, they have also created a number of forums on different websites. The forums invite comments of the students and people from different occupations regarding the suspension of Constitution and of human rights in the country. The News explored a number of blogs and forums and observed that students had strong resentment against the suspension of the Constitution. They are very critical of the situation and are stating their sentiments against the emergency al over the world via these WebPages.

These blogs and forums are providing regular updates on the state of emergency in Pakistan and students activities in this connection in different universities of the country especially events taking place at LUMS and FAST-NU.

In most of these blogs, students have termed the prevailing state of emergency as Martial Law besides strongly condemning the suspension of the Constitution.

A blog states its creator’s remarks as ‘An Initiative of an Independent Pakistani Student against Injustice and Oppression.’

A LUMS student, asking not to be named, said thousands of students and people are regularly visiting these blogs and websites daily and comment on the state of emergency. “The response shows everyone is depressed under these circumstances,” he added.

He also added, ‘The world knows whatever is happening in Pakistan and what students are doing in response through these blogs and forums.”

Another student said using blogs and forums are the best means of communications among student community under the prevailing situation. The students share useful information through these sources,” he added.

The names of blogs and addresses of the websites are being kept secret on the requests of some organisers who believe that leakage of this information might hamper their movement launched against the imposition of emergency in the country.

It’s time to prove ourselves.

It’s time to prove ourselves as part of a true civilized nation and do whatever we can to stop the dictator from playing with the future of our country. Judicial system is the backbone of every civilized society and by challenging the judicial system (infact he has done a suicide bombing attack on our judicial sytem) he has shaken the foundations of our country.

We must have to do whatever can to stop him, it’s time to write a new Pakistani history or be ready to become a forgotten part of it. 

Long Live Pakistan!

(May Allah give us hidayath and guide us to the right path)

Join Efforts Against Martial Law(aka Emergency) by General Dictator Musharraf

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Its a real nice effort by some Pakistani students living abroad

and its great that their affiliation with Pakistan is still very strong.

Best of Luck to them and also do contribute to their cause.

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E-Links for banned TV channels—> From The Emergency Telegraph

Watch banned TV channels online
A few people have been working on compiling a list of sites where you can watch the banned private TV channels online. This list will be updated soon. If you know of websites that allow you to watch these channels (preferably for free),

please email: with “TV channels” in the subject line: Geo News Live:

ARY One Live:


(Others channels to be updated shortly)

Lawyers continue their protests.

QUETTA: The lawyers in the several district courts of Balochistan boycotted the proceedings even on the seventh day of their protests against the imposition of emergency.

The lawyers are observing black day in continuation of their protests here, while black flags have been hoisted on the Bar Rooms and the lawyers stayed away from the proceedings in the High Court, Session Courts and the District Courts for recording their protests.

Heavy contingents of police stand posted outside the courts, while the FC and police were patrolling the city. Besides Quetta, the lawyers boycotted courts at Zhob, Pishin, Qila Saifullah, Musakhel, Qila Abdullah, Ziarat, Qalat, Khuzdar, Mastung and other areas of the province.

Resistance in other parts of the country is also going on against the dictator. Students and professionals have also become the part of the struggle .