Bloggers confront emergency—>from The DailyTimes

Bloggers confront emergency
By By Khalid Khattak
LAHOREStudent groups from various universities of the City including Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and FAST-National University have created a number of blogs on different websites to mobilise youths to stand against prevailing state of emergency in the country. Apart from blogs, they have also created a number of forums on different websites. The forums invite comments of the students and people from different occupations regarding the suspension of Constitution and of human rights in the country. The News explored a number of blogs and forums and observed that students had strong resentment against the suspension of the Constitution. They are very critical of the situation and are stating their sentiments against the emergency al over the world via these WebPages.

These blogs and forums are providing regular updates on the state of emergency in Pakistan and students activities in this connection in different universities of the country especially events taking place at LUMS and FAST-NU.

In most of these blogs, students have termed the prevailing state of emergency as Martial Law besides strongly condemning the suspension of the Constitution.

A blog states its creator’s remarks as ‘An Initiative of an Independent Pakistani Student against Injustice and Oppression.’

A LUMS student, asking not to be named, said thousands of students and people are regularly visiting these blogs and websites daily and comment on the state of emergency. “The response shows everyone is depressed under these circumstances,” he added.

He also added, ‘The world knows whatever is happening in Pakistan and what students are doing in response through these blogs and forums.”

Another student said using blogs and forums are the best means of communications among student community under the prevailing situation. The students share useful information through these sources,” he added.

The names of blogs and addresses of the websites are being kept secret on the requests of some organisers who believe that leakage of this information might hamper their movement launched against the imposition of emergency in the country.