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Its a real nice effort by some Pakistani students living abroad

and its great that their affiliation with Pakistan is still very strong.

Best of Luck to them and also do contribute to their cause.

Your submissions:
Emergency Telegraph is looking for your submissions. As such there are no official guidelines for submissions. The format of this journal should be clear by now. If you have any submissions, please email with “Submissions” in the subject line.

Call for Volunteers:

Please contribute your time for fighting against martial law. Volunteers are asked to email to with “Volunteer” in the subject line. Most work is done online. Half an hour everyday could greatly help our cause.

E-Links for banned TV channels—> From The Emergency Telegraph

Watch banned TV channels online
A few people have been working on compiling a list of sites where you can watch the banned private TV channels online. This list will be updated soon. If you know of websites that allow you to watch these channels (preferably for free),

please email: with “TV channels” in the subject line: Geo News Live:

ARY One Live:


(Others channels to be updated shortly)