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Terrorist Attack on Gaza by Israeli Zionist-Nazi regime and silence of so called civilized world

While the world is busy in watching football, the Zionist-Nazi regime of Israel has launched fresh raids over Gaza and killed dozens of civilians in the process. The so called civilized world is silent on the issue as the so called chosen people of Israel are merely killing the lesser people of Palestine.

Its time we need to realize how Zionist terrorism is destabilizing the whole region through its terrorist activities and terrorizing the whole world. People of the so called civilized who support Israel should stand up and ask their government that why they are supporting a genocide of Palestinians and why they are supporting an apartheid regime of Israel?

Even people in Israel who believe in justice and human rights should stand up against these actions as it will make their lives more difficult. If Israelis want to come out of existential threat then they need to make peace with Palestinians and bombings will not take make their lives easier.

We strongly condemn this terrorism by Israeli forces and Benjamin Netanyahu’s fascist regime.


Israel kills dozens in two days of Gaza raids : Al-Jazeera News
Hundreds of air attacks shake Gaza, leaving 41 dead, as Palestinian fighters fire rockets into Israel.

Tel Aviv – Israeli air raids have killed at least 41 people in the Gaza Strip as its operations inside the Palestinian enclave entered its third day.

Palestinian officials on Wednesday said the Israeli attacks, which number in their hundreds, had also wounded more than 300 people.

Palestinian fighters have continued to fire mortar bombs and rockets into Israel, with some reaching Tel Aviv. No casualties have been reported.

Local media in Gaza said that one of the Israeli attacks targeted the house of a commander in the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. Casualties figures are unknown.

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Stop Holocaust of Palestinians by Israeli Nazis

November 16, 2012 8 comments

I am one of many people who think a two state solution is a more practical solution but the way Israel is continuing its racist policies and terrorism against Palestinians in Gaza and other areas, all hopes for peace look like an illusion.

Shame on Israelis who are murdering children in Gaza and also shame on pro-zionist people who support Israeli government

November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Recent attack on Gaza by Israel is another example of how this global system based on hypocrisy and lies works. According to reports several people have lost their lives including women, old and children. Response from the so called champions of freedom and human rights is as usual just some formal lip service and nothing else. Not only the response lack the required condemnation to Israel but it was in a way supporting to Israel.

According to media reports, the administration of Nobel Peace Prize Winner USA President Barrack Obama (famous for his drones policy) has said that they recognize the right of Israel to defend itself as if the Israeli attack is about defending itself. On the other hand some of the Zionist lobby members in media are only focusing on some rockets fired by Hamas in response to Israeli heavy artillery and aerial bombing on civilian populations.

Its time for freedom and justice loving people of the world to raise their voice and take some practical measures to stop this holocaust and apartheid of Palestinian population by Israeli terrorist forces. It seem Israel, even after forming a so called state, is still sticking to its stern gang roots.

We condemned Israeli racist war against Palestinians and condemned the actions of these 21st century Nazis of Israel.

Israelis need to realize that if they want any kind of acceptance in the region then they have to stop mass murdering people and end this apartheid of Palestinians.

A good message for Israelis by a Jewish MP of UK parliament:



Egyptian Police Beat Gaza Peace Activists–>Shame on you Husni Mubarak!

January 4, 2010 1 comment

Totalitarian government of Egypt which is basically a puppet regime of western imperialist powers first supported Israeli attack on Gaza by doing blockade of Gaza now it has attacked the peace activists from various countries who were demanding freedom and justice for
Gaza in a real peaceful manner.

Shame on you Husni Mubarak!

If we need a revolution or something , we need genuine thinkers and visionaries not so called hakims or so called spiritualists .

November 7, 2009 1 comment

If we need a revolution or something , we need genuine thinkers and visionaries not so called hakims or so called spiritualists who copy the ideas re-mold them into their dirty deceptive agenda and use the names and work of great genuine people like Iqbal, Jinnah etc for their bogus agenda. I am seeing lots of good people following these deceivers just in the name of nationalism, patriotism etc .
My suggestion is to use your free mind and sense of justice so that you don’t get misguided by these so called nationalists.


Some of my friends on these views of mine against the war think that I support the terrorists for them I need to say:

Opposing the war doesn’t mean supporting the terrorists.

I consider both army and the suicide bombers or terrorists who are killing the innocent civilians as destroyers of peace and don’t find their actions as just.

The problem is when I oppose the war the “nationalists” think as if I am supporting the
terrorists in fact I am opposing the mess and pointing out to destroy the root cause.

I consider prime responsible for this mess are army and government and reason is they
brought an unwanted war on our land and people.

I oppose the killings of innocent civilians in suicide bombs and by army/air force bombings
but again I consider prime responsibility goes to the country institutions because they (means their key heads rest are just blind followers) created the mess for dollars and this mess has created terrorism.

It was army and government who breached the agreement made by Jinnah for dollars.

It was again army and government with allied forces in Afghanistan with their missile attacks and drone attacks destroyed three peace deals after 2004 .
Before this operation ISPR and Information ministry deliberately tried to mold the facts as if the agreements were broken by tribes but even former army generals like Asad Durrani rejected these claims.
Try to find out how “Neik Muhammad” got killed after the peace deal by USA missile attack and then look at the government reaction of owning it.

The terrorist activities can mainly be categorized as:

1) Revenge of the innocent killings by our forces here and Allied forces in Afghanistan.
Also our support in the form of giving supply route to NATO supplies and Drone attacks are playing it’s part as well.
2) Revenge and anger exploited by enemies of Pakistan but its our fault we are providing them the ground to play with.
3) Attacks like on Shariah academy,Peshawar and Benazir were done by players of weapon-blood-dollar game which includes enemies of Pakistan who want us to remain engaged in the war (so called allies in the so called war against terror) and their pets in our own ranks (politicians, military and civil establishment etc).

After the blast which killed Benazir Bhutto the place and all the evidence was washed within hours and a drama was created to link it with tribal situation which never got proved.
My question is who was being protected here?

4) Not to forget the ethnic and sectarian cards which Musharraf government played with their allied parties and groups to control power, they have also contributed a lot to this mess.

My questions are:

Can we support innocent killings in the name of nationalism?
Can we support injustice in the name of patriotism?
And after doing that can we expect peace?

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It’s time to sort out the real problems

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Recent attacks on civilians are not only horrible but highly condemnable but with all the condemnation and anger we need to sort out the real problems which have become the real cause of this mess.

The terrorist activities in Pakistan are a result of capitalist-imperialism, greed of
our leaders, absence of justice and lack of accountability of our institutions.

If we think that few thousand Talibans ( with all the disagreements and agreements with wrongs and rights of their system) or some other force can rule us then it means we
are admitting that our state structure is garbage and if you are talking about changing the culture or ideology by force…No chance.

The terrorist activities can mainly be categorized as:

1) Revenge of the innocent killings by our forces here and Allied forces in Afghanistan.Also
our support in the form of giving supply route to NATO supplies and Drone attacks are playing it’s part as well.
2) Revenge and anger exploited by enemies of Pakistan but its our fault we are providing them the ground to play with.
3) Attacks like on Shariah academy,Peshawar and Benazir were done by players of weapon-blood-dollar game which includes enemies of Pakistan who want us to remain engaged in the war (so called allies in the so called war against terror) and their pets in our own ranks (politicians, military and civil establishment etc).

4) Not to forget the ethnic and sectarian cards which Musharraf government played with their
allied parties and groups to control power, they have also contributed a lot to this mess.

The only solution is to bring system of justice, re-establishment of tribal institutions and accountability of institutions and leaders to fix the internal problems.

As far as the external part of the solution we need to tell USA and NATO to get out from Afghanistan and end this baseless war and if they don’t we need to come out of this war on our own, stop NATO supplies from Pakistan, stop Drone attacks by any means and convey the Pros of peace and Cons of this war to the the rest of the world.

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The Zionist Game Plan–>comment on a friend’s blog

July 24, 2008 18 comments

Looking at history and comparing it with what is happening at present gives a real good idea of what is happening around.

The Zionists controlling the major part of world economy and busy in fulfilling their evil goals have brought the humanity on the verge of destruction.

The comments below are given by me on my friend’s blog regarding the current situation in the world and specially Pakistan (full of typos so forgive for inconvenience).

Well the pattern is really interesting:

On the world stage the zionists put plots to start:

1) Crusades ( a clash between Christians and Muslims well cashed by zionists and knights Templers(later become free masons)).

2) Their first target was to capture the christian world so they exploited differences between various groups (protestants,orthodox and catholics etc) and as a result europe saw the real deadly wars during medieval ages.

3) Later they used their hold on europe (specially british empire) to rule most part of the world.

4) then during the early half of 20th century they were able to start to world wars which resulted in the collapse of ottoman caliphate(during first world war), weakening of europe and more dependency on zionists economic aids(even they sacrificed their jews),transfer of keys of world game from british to USA(zionists new power centre),creation of the state of Israel(as a result of fall of the ottoman caliphate),rise of a two blocks (capitalist lead by USA and communist lead by Soviet Union) which helped in achieving their evil goals of destruction and making smaller countries dependent on them(zionists funded both sides).

5) After the end of cold war they need a new war ground to play with so they used the phenomenon of War Against Terrorism and the reason is that they have understood that the only ideology which can come in their way is Islam and the other goal is to cater china as a growing economic and defence power (the problem with china is that it has not become a part of their game yet and so a power like china is not acceptable for them).

6) To marginalise the enemy they have made inroad through traitors and by using internal weaknesses (ethnic and sectarian differences). Just have a look the pattern they are using:In Labenon using Sunni govt. to fight against Shia Hesbollah,In Palestine using nationalist Al-Fatah to fight religious Hamas,In Iraq using Shia govt. against Sunni Arabs and using Sunni Kurds against Sunni Arabs(exploitation of both ethnic and sectarian weaknesses),Creating Arab-Iran Tension and to fuel that they supply weapons to Arab and let Iran get it from underworld or Russians etc(As Iran will grow strong the chances of Iran-USA war will be more and zionists don’t care about the life losses of USA or even its destruction ,all they want is the strengthening of their rule on the world),They have successfully finished the chances of a possible anti-USA alliance in west asian region(Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan)by using sectarian differences and now look Sunnis,Wahabis and Shias are now in the state of an ideological clash specially in Pakistan where the govt. mostly controlled or supported by so called liberals(another division they created using the Turkish model they used to destroy ottoman caliphate),barelvis and followers of sufism and some sects of shias are in a position of clash with wahabis and deobandis (which west calls jihadi Islam) and followers of all sects of Sunni,Shia and Wahabis (based on their internal differences and years of hatred being created for each other) think that others are working to destroy them and also playing in the hands of zionists and other enemies of Islam and this DIVIDE AND RULE policy is used very well by traitors in the country sitting in government, military and civilian institutions,at the same time they are exploiting ethnic differences (just look at the voting trend in Pakistan and the hatred very intelligently fueled before elections, people supported their ethnic group so as to stop the other group from coming in power) and now the situation has become really confusing.

7) Also to cater their “Future” potential threat China they are using Issues of Xing Jang China,Tibet,Taiwan and other minor areas.

Now What:

The Way out I suggest for Muslims is given by Quran:

“And hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided.” (Qur’an 3:103)

and in general the world must realize that zionism has nothing to do with classical Christianity,Judaism,Islam or any other religion , they are a group of people who simply don’t want to give the luxury of other human beings to exist(they don’t consider them human beings at all).

World and specially muslims have to use their brains to work for a system of justice and peace for the humanity as a whole Otherwise what I see is clash and then destruction of humanity.

May Allah guide us and help us.

” O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is …next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.”(Al-Maida , 8 )

War Against Pakistan Finally Showing Results…

July 19, 2008 2 comments

It’s now more than 6 years when American Pet Dictator Musharraf decided to become a crucial part of a war against Islam and Muslims(which was cleverly named War Against Terrorism).

The start of the war wasn’t just (no “fair” trial or inquiry was conducted to see the real reasons and responsibles behind the war and a war was started against the poor Afghans and then it turned towards Pakistani soil).

In this war our own army( few generals sold their souls , i believe an ordinary soldier is still a true patriot) not only killed their own citizens, suffered life losses it self,bombed mosques and madrisas,destroyed most important institutions in Pakistan (specially judiciary) and then what we got???????? A chance of an American invasion, attacks on our border areas, a divided nation(ethnic and sectarian divisions and a so called division of moderates and extremists was deliberately created and credit must go to Musharraf and allies for this ).

Well done Mr. Musharraf! and well done Mush team (Altaf,Zardari,Rehman Malik,Shujat,Shaukat,so called PM Gillani and …)

your Zionist(The real terrorists and racial fascists who don’t consider other people as human beings) allies will be really happy with you

Muslims and all the sensible people must get unite to stop this cartoon madness by enemies of peace.

March 21, 2008 2 comments

Since September 2005 a deliberate attempt is being made to make the world move towards the satanic philosophy by Zionists in Europe and all over the world i.e. the clash of civilization.

The issue resulted in a row of anger and finally was settled after the EU apology to the Muslims during 2005 and 2006 is now ignited again by the enemies of peace again who are planning for a global war to fulfill there evil agendas.

They take support, from the advocates of unethical freedom of speech and expression but when it comes to criticizing or even questioning the Holocaust and the authenticity provided to the world (many still believe it was a drama to gain sympathy and achieving the Zionist agenda nevertheless I don’t give a damn to that but unfortunately the punishment is given to those who were not involved i.e. Palestinians).

The time has come for the people who believe in justice and peace and specially the Muslim rulers to end there dead attitude must take some practical measures to stop this non-sense otherwise the consequences will be unbearable.

The time has come to expose the real terrorists (who are also behind the cartoons episode of expressional terrorism).

History Repeats it self—>Comparison between Iraq-Saddam and Pakistan-Musharraf Situation(Part 4)

January 29, 2008 Leave a comment

A real threat during that time emerged was BLA
(Balauchistan Liberation Army) lead by Late Balach
Mari. It is now confirmed by many sources that he was
backed by the Indian and Israeli intelligence
(remember Kurdistan movement in Iraq) and obviously
India and Israel cannot do it without American support
and permission.

There are more than ten consulates and information
centers of India operating in Afghanistan and one
can easily understand the purpose keeping in mind how
many Afghans are interested in going to India or what
is population of Afghanistan?

One more thing to consider Balach mari died in an air
attack in Afghanistan recently by NATO forces.

Also if you look at their media you will realize the
intensity of the propaganda against terrorist activities
in Pakistan and its nuclear assets and they don’t need to
find much material on their own our beloved dictator
provides them all in his justifications to remain in power.

Now just look why these forces are playing this whole

1) To accomplish their Zionist goals in the Middle
East and Pakistan is a real hurdle because of its
Islamic foundations, friendship with Arabs and nuclear
capability (Search Terms: Greater Israel, Armageddon).
2) To cater China’s growing power and influence
in the region (search terms: String of pearls, Gawadar
port, China).
3) To de nuclearize Pakistan, the only Islamic country
to have it.
4) To strengthen the hold on the natural resources in
the region.
5) To stop the re emerging threat of Russia as power

But there are certain challenges these forces are
facing like Pakistan is not a small country like
Afghanistan, it has a real strong military, it is a
nuclear power and also it has some sort of a solid
ideological foundation so to overcome these challenges
they have first decided to weaken the country
internally and so far the things which are supporting
them are that Pakistan has a power hungry elite,
discrimination between ethnic and sectarian groups is
getting wider (in fact they are using it really
efficiently), institutions are getting weak, power is
centered to one man (who is a patriotic person, I
believe but his lust for power and his own political
and ideological agenda is very damaging for the
foundations of Pakistan), military and people are
fighting with each other in northern parts,
involvement of military in politics (General Kiyani is
taking some good initiatives to reduce the role of
Army in civil affairs) and high illiteracy rate.

I still believe that our nation has the strength to
overcome these challenges, we just need to take
actions in the right direction and for that right
leadership is required which I have no doubts in
saying that Mr Musharraf is not able to provide. Most
of the challenges we are facing (in fact he is facing
them more) are the result of his wrong policies which
he thinks are the best possible options and
that’s what Mr. Saddam was doing.

People who believe that nothing can happen to us
because we are a nuclear power so sit and relax, they
need to look at the history and learn from the
destruction of the great Soviet Union.

May Allah unite us and show us the right path.

History Repeats it self –>Comparison between Iraq-Saddam and Pakistan-Musharraf Situation(Part 1)

History Repeats it self –>Comparison between Iraq-Saddam and Pakistan-Musharraf Situation(Part 2)

History Repeats it self –>Comparison between Iraq-Saddam and Pakistan-Musharraf Situation(Part 3)


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